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Wildland Fire Safety
and  Education

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Wildfire Traffic Control Training
Complete the Wildfire Safety Training below

Basic Traffic Control
Additional Training for Wildfire Evacuations    coming soon

Wildfire Preparedness
This page is dedicated to the education of CERT members and the Public to protect their families, their homes and firefighters from wildfires.

Defensible Space


What CERT Members Might Do To Help During  Wildland Fires


CERT members may be used to assist law enforcement or highway authorities with traffic control at key choke points along streets and highway to allow emergency vehicles to get to the fire and allow for evacuation traffic to get out of the area.  There will not be enough law enforcement​ officers to handle the job.  CERT members would work for law enforcement, fire personnel or highway employees, communicating conditions through the chain of command.  LCES (Lookouts, Communications, Escape Routes, and Safety Zones) is a must for all those working during a wildfire and for all those that live in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).  Safety is always our first concern. (See the videos below for training.)


CERTs could also be used for staging support of Fire Personnel and equipment. This would be away from the fire in a safe area.


Perimeter security and traffic management of evacuation centers, base camps and shelters​ is another way CERTs could support wildfire personnel.


There could be help needed at the Emergency Command Centers, Message Centers, in Communications, Logistical Support, and Public Information Office Support.

As CERT members go through the training, they should consider what jobs they might be interested in.  More to come on additional information and training on these tasks.

Wildfire Safety Training for Non- Fire Personnel
Created for Law Enforcement Officers

This one hour video series below includes 8 videos.  They were developed after the San Diego Cedar Fire of 2003. Two law enforcement officers were trapped in the fire.  The training was developed for non-fire personnel.  This training is still relevant and all CERTs are encouraged to watch the full series.  Even if you do not think you will volunteer to help during a wildfire, you may find yourself in a situation where this training is valuable.

Interview with 2 officers trapped

Evacuation Planning

Evacuation Procedures

Lookouts, Communications, Escape Routes, and Safety Zone

Fire Behavior

How to Avoid Being Trapped

What To Do If Trapped

Top 10 Tips

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