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About the Kingdom


The Kingdom of Bellelealand was established in October 1997, by Her Majesty, Queen Ernylee I. 


The Celtic island country was given to the queen as a reward for saving the Kingdom of Morandella from destruction by a dragon named Flambeauay.  At Queen Ernylee's coronation, she was presented with the Scepter of Light and the Crown of Honor from Queen Lorinda and King Gladimus of Morandella.  She named the Kingdom, Bellelealand after her parents, Leland Aaron and Erlene Belle. 


Bellelealand is a kingdom of magic and wonder.  Her citizenry is made up of humans, fairies, elves, witches, wizard and all kinds of magical peoples.  The Queen continues to restore order in the land and is establishing new Dukedoms and granting noble peerage.  Bellelealand consists of one large island with many smaller islands to the north and west of the mainland.  Approximately 60 nobles have been appointed to the kingdom.  If you are interested in obtaining title from the queen, petitions are being accepted.  Those petitioning for noble titles must be at least 18 years of  age. 


Children are also invited to join the Kingdom as Princes, Princess, Wizards, and Knights of the Queen's Royal Isles.  These titles hold no claim to land or sites within the kingdom, but "share" six islands set aside for the apprentices while they learn the duties and responsibilities of the titles.   The Wizardry Academy of Mt. Celtizar is located on Isle of Borba, one of the islands in the Queen's Royal Isles, and the Inwe-Luna School for Young Ladies, THE PRINCESS ACADEMY, is located on Avona.  One of the Queen's highest priorities is education.  All children in the Kingdom now have the opportunity of an education.  This was not the situation prior to the Queen's rule.

Maps of the Kingdom, its Dukedoms, Counties, Baronies and Territories are available.  Each noble is allowed to create his/her own flag, motto, crest and names the locations within his/her jurisdiction.  Dukes and Duchess are the  highest peerage in the land.  They may petition for those they believe to be worthy of the titles of Count, Countess, Viscount, Viscountess, Baron, or Baroness within their Dukedoms.  The Titles of Duke, Duchess, Count and Countess are lifetime titles and are  inheritable.

There are also knighthoods in the Kingdom as well as other dignitaries such as the members of the Queen's Royal Court,  the Gold and Silver Knights, the Master Wizard, the Kingdom Pope, the Royal Educator and the Royal Scribe.

The Queen holds Royal Balls and all the Nobility of the Kingdom are invited to attend the Celebration of the Anniversary of the Kingdom.  During the ball an Honours and Investitures Ceremony  is conducted at which new nobility and knights receive accolade.   Medallions, tiaras, swords, and elaborate certificate proclamations are awarded.  A banquet is served. 




Privaxcy:This website does not collect any app user personal information. It does collect information related to search and rescue operations such as GPS locations, addresses, and photographs

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