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The Princess Academy

Inwe-Luna School for Young Ladies







The next opportunity to register for classes is next spring for Summer classes.


The Inwe-Luna Schools for Young Ladies, known as THE PRINCESS ACADEMY, is for  young ladies wishing to become a princess.  Classes focus on learning to become a leaders and productive citizens. 

After Ernylee became Queen of the Kingdom, many girls asked Her Majesty to grant them the title of princess.  Princesses are traditionally daughters of monarchs, Kings and Queens.  Princesses have no power and do not rule.  They often marry princes of other lands as a way of combining royal families and some become Queens by marriage to kings.  The Queen, wanting girls to learn to be leaders and not just "pretty girls," created THE PRINCESS ACADEMY to teach girls to become good citizens, strong individuals and leaders of their villages and tribes.

THE PRINCESS ACADEMY is located on Avona Island in the Queen's Royal Isles in the Kingdom of Bellelealand.  The Inwe-Luna School for Young Ladies, has three annual semesters, Fall, Spring and Summer.  Students live on THE ACADEMY grounds during semester studies.  For the first time in 2008, foreign exchange students were allowed to attend THE ACADEMY as distance learning students. 


All graduates from THE PRINCESS ACADEMY, become princesses in the Kingdom of Bellelealand and are given the authority to actually rule a tribe or colony.  All students attending THE PRINCESS ACADEMY become members of the Theta Pi Alpha Sorority.  For fees and more information regarding THE PRINCESS ACADEMY, review Registration Information. 


Each Semester costs $125.  FULL SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE.  


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