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Theta Pi Alpha θΠΛ

2023-2024 President's Page








Message from President Willowme of Clay Field: 

Welcome to Fall semester!  I am so proud to be your president.  I am so excited to spend this year with all of you.  Let's make this the best time ever as some are entering their final time at The Princess Academy.  Cherish the time you have left with these special friends, for we shall miss them when they graduate. 


We continue to learn that princesses are not about being pretty and royal balls.  We are learning to be being leaders, setting examples of what it means to be a good citizen and helping our people.  When we have an opportunity to change peoples lives. We need to show others that being kind to all is what life is really about.

My motto for this year is "Passion for People".  The things we do while we are here at The Princess Academy will prepare us for the world that awaits us when we leave.  The friendships we make here will last a lifetime.  Then we will become leaders in our communities.  We have much to learn.


The sorority colors I have picked for this year are green and purple.  Green symbolizing our growth together.  Purple is for royalty and deepest friends.












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