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The Kingdom ofBellelealand

Do you believe in magic?  Do you believe there are faeries and magical creatures?  Well, they do exist in the Kingdom of Bellelealand.

Bellelealand is a land of faerie, dwarves, witches and wizards.  The queen continues to try to keep the peace among all the citizens of the Kingdom.  Come join us as you explore our website

How do you get to the Kingdom of Bellelealand?  Through magic portals, located around our world that allows passage into the magic world of Bellelealand.



You can also become a noble in the Kingdom.



Bellelealand is the home of 

The Princess Academy      













Inwe-Luna School for Young Ladies

Knighthoods of the Kingdom






The Royal Order of the Queen's Royal Court is made up of the Queen's most trusted nobles.  Many are Dukes, Duchess, Count and Countess' of the Kingdom.

The Royal Order of the Keepers of the Flame is an order only available to firefighters.  Her Majesty was a firefighter herself in the State of California.  This honour is given to the most fierce firefighter of our world and the Kingdom.

Royal Order of the Queen's Royal Isles is for children under the age of 18 years old.  The training facility of the youthful knights is the Isle of Borba, in theQueen's Royal Isles.


The Noble Order of the Gratiae was founded by D'Ann, Duchess of Kathleen's Isle.  The order is to honour Joy, Beauty, Charm and Happiness.

Noble Order of the Red Heart was founded in 2018 by the Queen to honor special people who are the Kingdom's "Protectors of the Arts." 


Privacy:This website does not collect any app user personal information. It does collect information related to search and rescue operations such as GPS locations, addresses, and photographs

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